Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taylor's Birthday Party

Today was our good friends Carl and Anna's son
Taylor's first birthday party.
The boys were not feeling well,
so we just took Carrigan to the party.
Brody and Caden stayed with Nana & Papa. The birthday boy!

Carrigan had so much fun playing in the ball pit.
And snacking on cheese puffs

On our way home. Hot and tired!

It was weird only having one child with us and I
always feel guilty doing something with one
and not the others. But its nice at the same time
to spend one on one time.
Its just that I always try to be fair.

But the boys had a BLAST at Nana and Papa's house!

They went bowling on the wood floor.
They built a tent!
Papa, Caden, and Brody inside the tent.
Brody reading a book to Grandmother.
The boys helped Nana vacuum.
Caden loves cooking over at Nana and Papa's house.
Then he feeds everyone a bite of it.
The goodie bags from the party.
Anna and Carl sent the boys one too.

Even though we weren't all together today, everyone
had a fun day. Maybe the boys will feel better soon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

19 months old!

I have totally been blessed with these precious babies!

They turned 19 months old today!

They are such happy, smart, and healthy babies.
You would never know that they were born premature.

They learn something new each day and it
always amazes me!
Their vocabulary is really growing.
Some of the words that they say often are
Mama, Daddy, Nana, Papa, Grandmother, Paw Paw,
Daisy, Max, Belle, ball, juice, book,
uh-oh, yes, uh-uh (no), duck, bird, fish, flower,
bra-bra (zebra), roo-roo (kangaroo), panda, monkey, bug,
bear, dog, bubble, shoes, bye bye, girl, boy, hi, baby, more and thank you.
They also say many animal sounds including
lion, sheep, snake, duck, dog, monkey, rooster
and can show using their arms how a bird flies and
how a gator goes chomp chomp.
They can also gallop like a horse.
And of course can point to their eyes, nose, mouth, hair,
ears, belly button and toes!

They understand almost everything we say to them
and can follow directions well.

People always ask me if they are alike and the truth is, they couldn't be more different than one another.
They have very different personalities
and are each special in their own way!

Brody has the best laugh I have ever heard! He is strong willed. He knows exactly what he wants, and wants to do everything by himself. He can throw some pretty funny fits at times. He is an extremely picky eater and noodles are a no no with Brody. He wants me to kiss his bo-bo's over and over. He studies things and wants to know how everything works. He has a very sweet singing voice and can sing "Row row row your boat". Brody likes everything to be in its place always. He is constantly putting things back where they go or letting me know that something isn't just right.
He is such a joy!

Caden is a sweetheart. He is so tender hearted and sensitive. He will give a kiss anytime you want it and also likes to kiss his brother and sister. He rocks himself to sleep. He is super smart and learns very fast. He minds very well. He knows all animals including ones like pelican & panda. He loves doing the animal sounds. Caden is a great help when it comes time to clean up. He enjoys waving and smiling at people when we are out. He is a sweet, sweet baby.

Carrigan is absolutely beautiful! She is a prissy little girl!
She comes in a very tiny package but is oh so fiesty. She is our daredevil. She loves the thrill of doing something dangerous. She gives the sweetest kisses and smacks when she gives a kiss. This girl will eat anything you put in front of her and she eats alot! She makes the funniest faces and has the sweetest voice! She is dramatic at times. Carrigan is so gentle with animals and has a very sweet nature. She is an angel!

These babies are my life. They give me such joy
and I am sooooo proud to be their Mommy.

God truly blessed me and Branson!

Enjoy this video of Caden doing some animal sounds...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Both sets of Grandparents and their Great Grandmother
were here together today!
Uncle Toogie with our family
My sweet babies... almost 19 months old!

Carrigan looked too cute in her red white and blue outfit

Our kids are spoiled by their Grandparents!

Papa and Nana got the kids a Cozy Coupe
Grandmother and Carrigan Paw Paw with Carrigan and Brody
Uncle Toogie takes them on FAST rides
Carrigan and her Uncle Toogie
Paw Paw and Mimi brought the babies tricyles!

Uncle Toogie showed Carrigan how fun it is

to pop wheelies on the tricycle.

She is our little dare devil!
Me and Branson
I love my little brother!

We had a feast of food today!
Homemade Mac n Cheese
Deviled Eggs
Brocoli and Cheese
Dirty Rice
BBQ Chicken
Paula Deen Coleslaw
And finished up with homemade chocolate ice cream!